Introducing the Ultra Portable Pro Slomovidbooth™ The Hippest New Photo Booth Trend

Ultra Portable Pro Slomovidbooth™

Guests are encouraged to form groups, plan skits, and choreograph hilarious actions while dressed up and interacting with a multitude of props. It’s not only an icebreaker but will become the center of attention as guests watch the hilarity play out on our proprietary video montage playback. If they didn’t get it at first, they’ll be jumping in line after seeing all of the fun play out.

But we’re not done there. Our iPad registration kiosk allows your guests to easily and quickly enter their email addresses on-site. We’ll follow-up with the entire gallery of individual clips and still pictures that freeze all of the wonderful memories in time and allow them to be enjoyed over and over again.

Think you get it? Check out some of our examples for more ideas, and visit


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