DIY Slowmovidbooth™ FS700 Kiosk Shell

DIY Slowmovidbooth™ FS700 Kiosk Shell

Designed for the Sony NEX-FS700 and Odyssey7Q with exsisting slow motion booth companies in mind. Think of it more as a blank canvas that you can paint however you like. It offers super quick setup, incredibly easy booth operation at an ultra-low cost. The Slomovidbooth™ is designed to drastically reduce running costs and improve your profit. The sleek lightweight metal design allows for superior strength and ease of transportation with head-turning looks. With the constant development of new additional attachments and products to complement the Slomovidbooth™, you will always be able to stay at the forefront of the technology available to the industry.

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    Made to order, ships worldwide from Reno, NV


    12 months express warranty on repair (or, even replace) should it become defective. 100% money back or free exchange guarantee, just pay shipping. Welcome to contact us at any time. Abuse or misuse may void your warranty coverage.

  • What's Included

    • 66" White Powder Coated Kiosk Shell with Lock & Key
    • 13.3" Full HD Front Touchscreen LED Display
    • Integrated Multi-Color LED Lighting
    • ⅝” Top Light Mount Stud
  • What will you need?

    • 10° Movement in Any Direction Leveling Base
    • Precise Follow Focus Gear with Ring Belt
    • Speed Crank for Follow Focus
    • Carbon Fiber Rods & Baseplate
    • Sony NEX-FS700 Super 35 Slow Motion 4k Camcorder

    • Lens for Sony E Mount

    • 7.7” Touch Screen Odyssey7Q OLED Monitor & 4K Recorder

    • HDMI Splitter (for Additional Tv Displays)

    • Full to Mini HDMI Cable

    • BNC to BNC Connectors

    • Backdrop

    • Flicker Free Constant Lighting

    • Prop Kits & Lots of Confetti

    • Guest Registration Kiosk

  • Kiosk Details

    • Dimensions (in use): 18.5 (w) x 16 (d) x 66.75 (h) inches

    • Transportation Case Dimensions: 23.5 (w) x 21.75 (d) x 70.5 (h) inches

    • Transportation Weight: 75 lbs

    • Setup Time: 8 Minutes or less

  • Included with Standard Purchase:

    • 3 Months of 24 Hour Technical Support Phone Services
  • Optional Add-Ons

    • 1x2’ Curved Bi-Color Dimmable LED Flicker Free Studio Light CRI/TLCI 96/95 for Accurate Color

    • Convergent Design Replacement Screen Protector for Odyssey 7Q

    • 512GB Premium SSD for Odyssey 7Q

    • 100’ Triple Tap Extension Cord (12 AWG, Black)

    • iPad Floor Kiosk, Locking Holder, iPad 2-4 and Air, Hidden Home Button

    • Prop Kit Trunks - White

    • 10x10 TRU-FIT Backdrop

    • Front Hole Camera Lense Vynil Graphic

    • Vinyl Wrap With Custom Branding

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$9,600.00Sale Price
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