Ultra Portable Pro Slowmovidbooth™

Ultra Portable Pro Slowmovidbooth™

A fully-loaded slow motion booth kiosk with 4k camcorder and capable of shooting up to 960 frames per second of slow motion video. The sleek lightweight metal design allows for superior strength and ease of transportation with head turning looks. Setup is super quic, incredibly easy, and designed to drastically reduce running costs and improve your profit. Get ahead of the game and reduce your set up time down to a fraction. With constant development of new additional attachments and products you will always be able to stay on the forefront of the technology available to the industry.

  • Orders

    Made to order, ships worldwide from Reno, NV


    12 months express warranty on repair (or, even replace) should it become defective. 100% money back or free exchange guarantee, just pay shipping. Welcome to contact us at any time. Abuse or misuse may void your warranty coverage.

  • What's Included

    • 13.3" Full HD Front Touchscreen LED Display
    • Super 35 4K Sony NEX-FS700 Camcorder
    • Integrated Multi-Color LED Lighting
    • 66" White Powder Coated Kiosk Shell with Lock & Key
    • 10° Movement in Any Direction Leveling Base
    • Precise Follow Focus Gear with Ring Belt
    • Speed Crank for Follow Focus
    • 16mm f/1.4 Contemporary Lens
    • Carbon Fiber Rods & Baseplate
    • HDMI Splitter
    • SDI & Full to Mini HDMI Cable
    • 250GB SSD & Data Transfer USB Adapter
    • 7.7" OLED Monitor & 4K Recorder
    • AC Power Supply
    • 8 Outlets & Surge Suppressor
    • ⅝” Top Light Mount Stud
  • What will you need?

    • Backdrop

    • Flicker Free Constant Lighting

    • Prop Kits & Lots of Confetti

    • Guest Registration Kiosk

  • Kiosk Details

    • Dimensions (in use): 18.5 (w) x 16 (d) x 66.75 (h) inches

    • Transportation Case Dimensions: 23.5 (w) x 21.75 (d) x 70.5 (h) inches

    • Transportation Weight: 95 lbs

    • Setup Time: 8 Minutes or less

  • Technical Specifications

    • Camera: Sony NEX fs700

    • Operators Touch-Screen Monitor: Odyssey 7Q

    • Additional Required Lighting: High CRI/TLCI: 96/95 for Flicker-Free Lighting

    • Colour Changing LED System: Includes Remote Control

    • External HDMI Splitter Port: Video Output for Additional Tv Displays

  • Included with Standard Purchase:

    • 1 Year of 24 Hour Technical Support Phone Services
  • Optional Add-Ons

    • 1x2’ Curved Bi-Color Dimmable LED Flicker Free Studio Light CRI/TLCI 96/95 for Accurate Color

    • Convergent Design Replacement Screen Protector for Odyssey 7Q

    • 512GB Premium SSD for Odyssey 7Q

    • 100’ Triple Tap Extension Cord (12 AWG, Black)

    • iPad Floor Kiosk, Locking Holder, iPad 2-4 and Air, Hidden Home Button

    • Prop Kit Trunks - White

    • 10x10 TRU-FIT Backdrop

    • Front Hole Camera Lense Vynil Graphic

    • Vinyl Wrap With Custom Branding

Color Finish

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