Wireless HDMI Video Transmission System 5G

Wireless HDMI Video Transmission System, Hollyland Mars 300 5G Image Transmitter and Receiver Kit Support HD 1080P 300 Feet for DSLR Mirrorless Camera Gimbal Stabilizer External Field Monitor


  • Stable and Synchronous Transmission Hollyland Mars 300 adopts 5GHz frequency band, which has strong ability on high-speed data transmission, anti-interference and signal stabilization. It can realize effective and reliable connectivity, reproducing the audio and video on the device connected with less than 10 millisecond, the lowest latency among other wireless hdmi transmitters like Accsoon CineEye.
  • HDMI 1080p 60Hz Without Compression Applying the latest image decoding and noise reduction technology, the video transmission set delivers broadcast-class HD video and audio with no quality loss.
  • 300ft Sight Transmission Range Within transmission distance of 300 feet, the HDMI wireless video transmitter kit reaches the best connection effect. Yet with two antennas, they can still release signals in the max distance of 500 visible feet and transmit data.
  • Wide Compatibility With dual HDMI ports on both transmitter and receiver, the Hollyland wireless image transmission system can input or output audio and video signals for virtually any kind of DSLR and mirrorless cameras, working continuously for 5 hours once fully charged.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design With 6.5 oz weight and 0.86 inch thickness, video transmission kit is very compact and portable for clipping to any other devices without adding to much burden.